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Spring has Sprung at the Serpentine

When I lived in New York City, there was always that first Spring weekend, when Central Park would explode in people out running, biking, and enjoying the returning warm weather – that day in the Park was always one of the best days of any year. Yesterday was my first ‘London’s first warm weekend day,’ and Hyde Park did not disappoint.
My friend Ian and I spent most of the day around the Serpentine, the large lake inside the center of the park. We found a spot at the Serpentine Bar & Kitchen which was a bit challenging given how crowded it was. You have to put your order in at the queue, and they deliver your food to your table – the waits were a bit long, but understandable. We passed on the pizzas (the looked good) and stuck to a few pitches of Pimms & Lemonade – a perfectly sweet cool drink for the warm day.

20140310-105731.jpgWe had good intentions to rent a rowboat (no paddle boats for us real men), but were undone by another long queue.
Instead we took a walk around the lake, finding the Princess Diana memorial fountain. This is a granite fountain at low ground level which is designed to have your feet dangling into it and feel the water rush past as you relax. Signs admonish you not to actually walk in it – but lots of people and little kids were ignoring that bit.
We stopped at the Lido Restaurant, ordered a few more bottles of rose, with the full intention to head back to the boats – alas when we did, it turned out they were closing up for the day, so no rowing for us – not that I minded to be honest, the strenuous activity inconsistent with the overall relaxation of the day. We will try again another time, as they certainly looked fun, giving a great vantage point from the center of the lake.





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Bulldog Sunday (no BS) at Kensington Gardens

I finally got a chance to take the dogs on a long run this morning to Kensington Gardens. Less than a mile from house, Kensington Gardens is the western part of Hyde Park, the Central Park of London. So named as they are the gardens around Kensington Palace. I’ve always liked Kensington side of Hyde Park, as there are great running paths and the trees make the park seem quite different in winter or summer – the leaf-less trees open up the park in the winter, and create great foliage-filled canopies in summer.


Running selfie in Kensington Gardens Summer 2013

Running selfie in Kensington Gardens Summer 2013

Most of the trees are still bare this time of year, but some flowers are fighting their way out as spring isnt too far away, and we’ve been deluged with water which must be helping the early flowering.IMG_4157
As we hit the inside of the park, we stumbled upon a not-so-random gathering – of bulldogs, lots and lots of bulldogs. On the first Sunday of every month, bulldog owners from London meet up and share information about the breed – and let their little babies run and play together. It drew quite a crowd as the sight of about 30 or so of the little guys snorting and cavorting is quite humorous.


Turns out the group has been meeting every Sunday for the past 6 years – and during the summer can get up to 60 dogs per meet-up.

IMG_4144 IMG_4146 IMG_4145
Lucy felt quite tall amongst the crowd of bulldogs and had a blast meeting the little guys… there was a wide mix of breeds and types. Ronnie stayed on leash and didn’t quite to know what to make of it. In all, a fun visit to the park on a lovely Sunday morning.

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