Tipping Some Back at Tishbi


Today we took a trip to the Tishbi winery about an hour north of where my folks live. A lovely young woman named Edom took us on a tour.


The Tishbi gallery was founded in 1882. Baron de Rothschild acquired land throughout the area, and hired Michael Tishbi (great-grandfather of the current owners), to plant vineyards.

The estate produces several series of wines, and each barrel has 300 liters and at 750 ml bottles, each barrel generates about 400 bottles – the winery produces approximately 1 million bottles a year. They use French and American oak – the French is used for the reserve wines (natch).

For 40 NIS each, we did a wine and chocolate tasting, going through about 7 different varieties (I lost count, I wasn’t spitting as much as I was swallowing). The Shiraz was our favorite, followed by the dessert wine.

After the wine tasting we had lunch at the cafe. The family shared a generous cheese plate (I introduced the nephew in law to Roquefort and Camembert), delicious fettuccine with mushrooms, ravioli in cream sauce and fish and chips.


Next we took a short trip into Zichron Ya’akov, a small town known for its vineyards and lovely pedestrian mall. Lined with interesting shops and boutiques, this was a fun place to look for atypical gifts and curios. One shop was the Goren Sculpture featuring the works of Danny Goren.

Danny’s story of overcoming MS and fulfilling his dream of becoming an artist was inspiring and my sister and I both bought a few items – I got a small bowl perfect for teaspoons and tea bags (now necessary with the increased tea

Last stop was poking my head into the synagogue named after the father of the Baron – Ohel Ya’akov.

In addition to beautiful stain glass windows, the ceiling was painted with stars, reminiscent of the stars in the dream of the Biblical Ya’akov (Jacob).
In all, a fun filled day in the north, with fun sights and good wine, and a good memento to come home with.


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  1. sounds like an incredible day! i love love love zichron, it was my first choice for a community when we first moved here… did i mention i love zichron? sadly the commute was not so workable for those commuting 😦 … i still regret not living there.

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