Find Me a Flat, Stat! (Part 2)


Having gone through a fair number of neighborhoods, scratching many off the list (see Part 1) I decided to focus on three areas:

Notting Hill– an eclectic area, famous for the Portebello Road outdoor market and the movie of the same name (which I still have not seen). I have friends in the neighborhood, and it’s just north/west of Kensington Gardens, with the most expensive street in England dubbed ‘Billionaire’s Row‘ with all of the mansions and embassies. The day I explored the area, I happened upon a restaurant named Julie’s, where I had eaten years ago with some good friends. I remember walking up the block to Julie’s thinking it was such a nice block, maybe I could live there… Maybe!

Holland Park – a bit further west from Notting Hill, Holland Park is home to a few celebrities (Simon Cowell, Richard Branson). Holland Ave is a beautiful set of white mansion row houses, straight out of Mary Poppins. The actual park is beautiful, with magical little areas like a Japanese garden and peacock nesting area. 20131130-221248.jpg

The only down side of HP is that dogs can only go off-leash in a relatively small area, but when I visited there were a bunch of dogs running around and chasing each other – Lucy would love it I thought. And with the pink Hammersmith line a short 8-9 minutes to work, this looked great

Kensington/South Kensington – closest to the office of the three, the area has all of the museums, a top-notch high street, and beautiful streets of connected homes. Many large busy through-ways, but plenty of smaller meandering streets upon which to take the daily walks.

Now with the neighborhoods chosen, off to see some flats. To be continued…



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